I love My Downtown First

THANK YOU for taking the Downtown First Pledge, and please encourage your friends and family members to do the same! This demonstration of commitment for your community helps to retain your good businesses, and sends a welcoming message to new businesses considering locating in your downtown. Together, we can help make our communities even more vibrant places to live and work.

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 photo featured friend of Beaver
Matthew Neroni
Why I Chose My Downtown First:
I choose downtown Lawrenceville first. On Thursday nights you are likely to find me at the Round Corner Cantina, enjoying their pork belly tacos (trust me, just try them!). There's no better way to spend a Sunday morning in Pittsburgh than with friends at Cocoa Café for their incredible brunch.

Want to be a Featured Friend of Downtown First? Just tell us why you love and choose your favorite downtown, first: tca@towncenter.info

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The following individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations have taken the Downtown First Pledge:

Abby Whittingham, Aspinwall PA
Carolyn Glass, Brighton Heights, PA
Jennifer Merck, Regent Square
Christina Greco, SouthSide PA
Greg Lusty, Ambrige PA
Shelli Lusty, Ambridge PA
Veronica Catarcio, Ellwood City PA
Amy O'Donoghue, Mt. Lebanon PA
John O'Donoghue, Mt. Lebanon PA
Andrew Adams, Brighton Heights PA
Jennifer Temple, Beaver PA
Rick Temple, Beaver PA
Doug Orie, SouthSide PA
Andrea Blenk, Bellevue PA
David Blenk, Bellevue PA
Dan Holland, Friendship PA
Donald Dowdy, III, Mt Lebanon PA
Kara Malagise, Oakdale PA
Val Brkich, Bridgewater PA
Cassie Brkich, Bridgewater PA
Jean Orend, Ambridge PA
Nate Orend, Ambridge PA
Lynn Clayton, Beaver PA
Claudette Silverman
Barney Silverman
Randy Horton, Mt. Lebanon PA
Emily Peluso
Amy Miller, Beaver PA
Will Miller, Mt. Lebanon PA
Diane Manning
Jack Manning, Pinebrook Cottage Consulting
Mary Ellen Petro, Beaver PA
Fred Petro, Beaver PA
Shenoa Bernstein, Point Breeze PA
Joshua Bernstein, Point Breeze PA
Mara Dowdy
Matthew Neroni, Lawrenceville PA
Andrew Erin, Oakdale PA
Brandie Pupi, Beaver PA
Paul Pupi, Beaver PA
Mike McGovern
Mary Erin, Beaver PA
Claire Grotevant, Beaver PA
Elaine Savoldi
Bob Grotevant, Beaver PA
Donald Dowdy II New Brigton, PA
Rose McDonough, Zelienople PA
Mid County Rents, Monaca PA
Sue Ewing
Wade Ewing
Donald Worf, Verona PA
Rhoda Worf, Verona PA
Patti Tumminello, Verona PA
Lou Tumminello, Verona PA
Kathi Ferguson, Verona PA
Michael Vemio, Verona PA
Barbara Costa, Ambridge PA
Jeremy Angus, Ambridge PA
Bob Nelson, Ambridge PA
Betty Nelson, Ambridge PA
State Representative Rob Matzie
Joe Weidner, Rochester PA
Eileen McNair, Rochester PA
D.C. Dean Galitsis, Rochester PA
David Smith, Rochester PA
Elizabeth Council, Rochester PA
Terri Gallagher, Rochester PA
Howard Begley, Rochester PA
Ginny Korak, Monaca PA
Renee Mangin, Monaca PA
Patricia Majors, Monaca PA
Laura Rubino, Monaca PA
Maureen Daily, Bridgewater PA
Mickey Malagise, Bridgewater PA
Jean Frey, Bridgewater PA
Phyllis Tokar, Bridgewater PA
Phyllis McChesney, Coraopolis PA
John Volante, Coraopolis PA
Bill Cook, Coraopolis PA
Bill Sweterlitsch, Coraopolis PA
Dan Dinardo, Coraopolis PA
Maie Dinardo, Coraopolis PA
Charles Cooper, Coraopolis PA
Jeff Petrella, Coraopolis PA
David Bachman, Coraopolis PA
Jim Barricella, Coraopolis PA
Cheryl Sullivan, Coraopolis PA
John Molnvallo, Coraopolis PA
Jackie Smith, Coraopolis PA
Thomas Mangan, Coraopolis PA
Tony Rossi, Coraopolis PA
Ray Garofalo, Coraopolis PA
Jessica Copeland Volante, Coraopolis PA
Joe Aiken, Coraopolis PA
Mark Jorgensen, Coraopolis PA
Trisha Whiteman, Coraopolis PA
Mike Weisner, Coraopolis PA
Martha Diess, Bridgeville PA
Donald Dolbe, Bridgeville PA
Lori Collins, Bridgeville PA
Nino Petrocelli, Bridgeville PA
Karen Zatta-Martin, Bridgeville PA
John McCans, Bridgeville PA
Heather Knuth, Bridgeville PA
Ed Pelino, Bridgeville PA
Kim Losego, Bridgeville PA
Frank Daily, Bridgeville PA
Terry Christopher, Tarentum PA
Bobbie Miller, Tarentum PA
Olivia Phillips, Tarentum PA
Joan Shaffer, Tarentum PA
Jeannie Rabick, Tarentum PA
Jennifer Myers, Tarentum PA
Beverly Merli, Tarentum PA
Shirley Sigler, Tarentum PA
Tracy Horgos, Tarentum PA
Keith Mack, Tarentum PA
Shirley Swager, Tarentum PA
Derek Christopher, Tarentum PA
Larry Duvall, Elizabeth PA
Mona Duvall, Elizabeth PA
Art Mitchell, Elizabeth PA
Art Ryan Matt, Elizabeth PA
Robin Miller, Elizabeth PA
Wendy Biuja, Elizabeth PA
Howard Howe, Rochester PA
Ron Murtha, Rochester PA
Maria Longo, Rochester PA
William Harris Jr., Rochester PA
Candy Farmer, Rochester PA
John Farmer, Rochester PA
Ann Sutherland, Rivertown Antiques
Jim Galbraith, Bridgeville PA
Alexis Comunale, Sewickley PA
Carole Ford, Sewickley PA
Tom DeFazio, Sewickley PA
Marilyn Mulvihill, Sewickley PA
David Gengarella, Midland PA
Shirley Rice, Midland PA
Dan Doyle, Midland PA
Randi Jo Carroll, Midland PA
Evie Adams, Midland PA
Randy Adams, Midland PA
Chuck Musser, Midland Council
Diane Kemp, Midland Boro Manager
Mary Ellen Bellay, Midland PA
Jenn Phillips, Jeffries Landing
Jean Swanson, Lasting Impressions
Steve Swanson, Lasting Impressions
Heidi Paul, Bridgewater Mayor
Jeff Reed, Signature Settlement
Kathy Lambert, Beaver PA
Bob Lambert, Beaver PA
Erik Watts, Center Township PA
Dawn Watts, Center Township PA
Erika Watts, Center Township PA
Peg Dudas, Monaca PA
George Dudas, Monaca PA
Darlene Phillips, Monaca PA
Rose Teny, Conway PA
Anthony Teny, Conway PA
Roxanne Lambert, Beaver PA
Jenny Wakefield, Beaver PA
Dominic Leone, Rochester PA
Scott Heberling, Bellevue PA
Anna Daughenbaugh, Muddy Cup
Heather Sedlacko, Bellevue PA
Kelly Hill, The Shepherd's Door
Chris Stroyne, Bellevue PA
Linda Law Carroll, Belleue PA
Steve Nikithsen, My Hero's Sub Shop
Barb Cooke, Graule Studios
Cassie Gillin, Cassandra's Florals
Molly Rush, Dormont PA
Jamie Grassman, Beyond Bedtime Books
Mary Pitcher, Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark
John Maggio, Hollywood Theater
Nancy Gordon Galluzzo, QM Productions, Inc.
Joan Hodson, Dormont Main Street
Karen Gottschall, Dormont PA
Lisa Fitz, Highland Laurel Gallery
Carla Council, Aliquippa PA
Judith Maggio, Dormont PA
Darren Stroh, Dormont PA
Laura Schroeder, Shadyside PA
Kim Chirico, Dormont PA
Gerald (Duke) McCoy, D&J Karaoke
Raymond Fedorko, Ambridge
Keith Orawiec, Beaver
Lenny Wilson, Beaver
Mary Wilson, Beaver
Elaine Savoldi, Beaver
Ed Hefright, Beaver
Rachel Maize, Beaver
The Shugert Family, Brighton Township
Eric Kaunert, Borough of Ambridge
Norm Clemente, Charles Men's Store, Ambridge
Helen Ringel, Ringel's Ceramics, Ambridge
Paula Johnston, Generations, Beaver
Lee Ann Freeman, Generations, Beaver
Jim Weyand, Weyand Styling, Beaver
David Lichius, Beaver
Bill Cooper, Pollocks Office Supply, Beaver
Arlene Tarn, Shirley Shoppe, Beaver
Bill Smith, Snyder's Flowers, Beaver
Marlin Erin, Snitger's Bicycle Store, Beaver
Lisa Ragazzini, Witch Flavor, Inc., Beaver
Sharon Consalvo, A Cook's Ware, Beaver
Bonnie, Bonnie August Floral, Beaver
Ty Hardin, Beaver Valley Labor News, Beaver
Cindy Birgmingham, Steel Town Sports, Beaver
Donald W. Dawson, Fischer Hardware Co., Inc., Beaver
Joyce Arbutina, Pretty Woman, Beaver
Anita Caufield, Restyle, Beaver
Hugh Harper, Cafe Kolache, Beaver
Lorita Bills, So Much Plus, Coraopolis
Nancy, Dormont Floral Design, Dormont
William S. Evans, Attorney At Law, Dormont
Mediha Cehic, Fredo's Deli & Market, Dormont
Mary Feehan, DeWalt's Health Food, Dormont
Brandon Sacks, Sugar Cafe, Dormont
Amy Mokricky, MoonStone...Metaphysical Haven, Dormont
Sadiu Cehic, Dormont
Annie Brown, Morning Rooseter, Midland
Nate Kemena, The Digital Print Shoppe, Midland
Sheryll Mosura, Midland
Georgianna Dell, Deja Vu, Rochester
Margaret Erhard, Marge's Place, Stowe
Joe Willet, Lynns Cafe & Quality Catering, Stowe
Francine Costello, Costello Printing & Design, Tarentum
Garry L. Raymond, Raymond's Photography Studio
Ned Phundt, Sweet Memories Collectibles, Verona
Leslie Martin, Arbuckle's Coffee Company, Verona
Jack Thompson, Jack's Barber Shop, Verona
Nicole Thomas, Sophisticated Hair Design, Verona
Anthony Ogline, Verona Gun Safe
Gloria Corrado, Gloria's Fixations, Verona
Brian Miller, E.N. Miller Antique Mall, Verona
Jim Johnson, Eloises Antiques, Verona
Christine Mitri, Robinson
Jennifer Bane, Stowe
Ashley Pucci, Stowe
Rocky Bane, Stowe
Justin Patterson, McKees Rocks
Donna Thompson, McKees Rocks
Howard Duen, Stowe
Mario Cousins, Stowe
Susan Martin, Coraopolis
Henry Martin, Coraopolis
Josie Carl, Coraopolis
Debbie Bowman, Bellevue
Dee Zaleta, Bellevue
Steven Baik, Aspinwall
Linda Romick, Lindas Stained Glass and Gifts, Verona
Rick Romick, Lindas Stained Glass and Gifts, Verona
Jo Marie Henry, Bullfrogs & Butterflies Child Care Center, New Brighton
Dr. Vincent Troia, Troia Eye & Laser PC, Monaca
Bill Egley, New Brighton
Sandie Egley, New Brighton
Aileen Gilbert, Aliquippa
Michael Kovich, Mauch Chunk Coffee Company, Jim Thorpe
Amy Joseph, R-ACT Theatre Productions, Rochester
Vitalijs Jevsjukovs, Warriors' Call Boxing, Baden
Brandy Horchak-Jevsjukova, Warriors' Call Boxing, Ambridge       
Debbie Guinto, New Brighton
Michael Guinto, New Brighton




Becky Boyde, Bridgewater PA
Inside the Attic, Bridgewater PA
Marlene Krywicki, SouthSide PA
Phillip Krywick, SouthSide PA
Kara Krywicki, SouthSide PA
Karol Dowdy, New Brighton PA
Joe Rubino, Beaver PA
Mark Peluso
Mary Anne Peluso
Nathan Peluso, Bloomfield PA
Rebecca Erin, Point Breeze PA
Peter Erin, Point Breeze PA
Susan Kredel, Beaver PA
Darren Kredel, Beaver PA
Kathleen Hammer, Mt. Lebanon
Vince Hammer, Mt Lebanon PA
Carol Page, Mt. Lebanon PA
Brian Page, Mt. Lebanon PA
Diane Doody, Mt Lebanon PA
Lois Nelson, Beaver PA
Jim Nelson, Beaver PA
Jackie Bechdel, Beaver PA
Scott Bechdel, Beaver PA
Phyllis Fazio, New Brighton PA
Greg Fazio, New Brighton PA
Charlotte Black, Beaver PA
Denise Shaw, Beaver PA
Tom Zelienski, South Side PA
Rose Murphy, Carrick PA
Diane Zelienski, South Side PA
Anne Berenbrok, Beaver
John Berenbrok, Beaver 
Ellen Crefeld, Beaver PA
Dena Barker, Beaver PA
Jack Arnold, Beaver PA
Erica Arnold, Beaver PA
Nancy Arnold, Beaver PA
Stephanie O'Neill, Oakland PA
Mary Delmaso, Beaver PA
Janie Gibson, Ellwood City PA
Mike Gibson, Ellwood City PA
Anne Berenbrook, Beaver PA
John Berenbrook, Beaver PA
Noah Erin, Oakland PA
David Barker, Regent Sq. PA
Rebecca Matsco  
Patti Maurer, Beaver, PA
Cherina Pelissier
Matt Mehalik, Oakmont, PA
Curt Marino, Tarentum PA
Sandi Marino, Tarentum PA
Seita Diamond Jewelers, Tarentum PA
Denise Gemillas, Verona PA
Robert Brayer, Verona PA
Mariam Brayer, Verona PA
Laura Gibbons, Bridgeville PA
Mike Gibbons, Bridgeville PA
Mary K. Wawro, Wawro's Bar, Aliquippa
Cheryl King, Aliquippa
Selenna Moreland, Aliquippa
Emanuel Panos, Hoffman's Drug Store, Aliquippa
Bill Farra, Community of Celebration, Aliquippa
John Stanley, Uncommon Grounds Cafe, Aliquippa
Lisa Barnes, New Brighton
Kathy Lefevere, New Brighton
Richard Phillips, New Brighton
Bill Edwards, New Brighton
Diane Wagner, New Brighton
Mary Jo Yarris, Beaver
Kay Nestor, Beaver
Don Dawson, Beaver
John Barrett, Beaver
Robert Rice, Beaver
Judy Cashdollar, Beaver
Jeff Lloyd, Beaver
Dan Deceder, Beaver
Midge Sefton, Beaver
Tommi Wagner, Beaver
L. Cashdollar, Beaver
James Perini, Beaver
Shirley Sayers, Beaver 
Len Schockling, Swissvale
Karen Larson, Swissvale
Randy Larson, Swissvale
Pat Jameson, Swissvale
Jack Hogan, Swissvale
Thomas Dinardo, Swissvale
Dave Russell, Swissvale
Patty Gionta, Swissvale
Bob Gionta, Swissvale
Karen Litzinger, Swissvale 
Bob Zischkau, Swissvale
Judy Schlarch, Swissvale
David Petrarca, Swissvale
Ray Puskar, Stowe
Martin Jacobs, Stowe
George Panno, Stowe
Jan Trapuzzano, Stowe
Art Bradley, Stowe
Frank Zieger Jr., Stowe
Claudia Wendel, Stowe
Lori Capone Esquire, Stowe
Bill Hoffman, Stowe
Della Nolder, Stowe
George Lucas, Stowe
Larry Geisler, Verona
Amelia Soisson, Verona
Patti Tumminello, Verona
Lea Ann Grill, Verona
Kier G. Ewing Jr., Verona
Lou Race, Verona
David Ricupero Sr., Verona
David Ricupero Jr., Verona
Kathi Ferguson, Verona
Pat McCarthy, Verona
Rhonda Worf, Verona
Don Worf, Verona
Robert Brayer, Verona
Peggy Suchevich, Verona
Larry Lennon, Coraopolis
Vincent Tucceri, Coraopolis
Jackie Smith, Coraopolis
J. Eric Persun, Bridgeville
Midge Gilson, Bridgeville
Liz Calabro, Bridgeville
Mary Weise, Bridgeville
Joe Colosimo, Bridgeville
Dale Miller, Bridgeville
Stush Papst, Stowe
Dale Work, Stowe
Marie Incorvati, Stowe
Susan Schafer, Stowe
Bridget Seery, Verona
Sandy Drabicki-Bell, Verona
Robert A. Mikush, Ambridge
Donna Flannery, Ambridge & Sewickley
Whitey Mikush, Ambridge
Amy Cole, Beaver Valley FCU
Suzanne Modrak, Community Development Program
Linda Smith, Facets of Light Jewelry
John Wright Jr., MD
Becky Boyde, Bridgewater
Linda Richards, Deja Vu
Gloriann Snyder, Jeffries Landing
Emma Celeste, Bridge Street Counseling
Sharon Turek, Without A Paddle
Aaron Karess, Beaver Valley FCU
Maureen Daily, Malagise & Associates
Kim Nicoles, Conway
Patrick Nicoles, Conway
Patricia Kroskey, Monaca
Edmund Kroskey, Monaca
Ed Kroskey Jr., New Sewickley Twp.
Crystal Kroskey, New Sewickley Twp.
Vonda Nicoles, Rochester
Virgil Nicoles, Daugherty Twp.
Doyle Nicoles, Rochester
John Morris, Monaca
Chris Tharp, Bridgewater
Chris Rambo, Beaver
Nancy Johnston, Beaver
Tom Albanese, Rochester
Sam Scriva, Rochester
Joe Aiken, Mr. Sign
William Peters, JENLOR Integrations, Inc.
Lawna Blankenship, Bridgeville Pulic Library
Paul & Peg Cusick, NorthBorosNews.com
Mary Ann Yingling, Verona
John Burke, Pittsburgh
Whitney Brady, Beaver
Matthew Henderson, Sustainable Pittsburgh
Amy Joy Robinson, Bellevue
Merv Doerfler, Bellevue
Jason Benegasi, Biba
Jim Crudden, New Brighton Business District Authority
Mike Crudden, Rosalind Candy
Larry Morley, New Brighton Borough Manager
Valerie McElvy, New Brighton Borough
Pat Boyde, YorkeTowne Shoppe
Janese Alston, Aliquippa
Geraci Family, Dormont
Drew Lehman, Dormont
Kim Hoffman, Dormont Psychological
Jamie Keaney, Dormont
Karen & George Larson, Dormont
Beverly Canello, Dormont
Hal Hayes, h3 Architecture
Monique Fontaine, Dormont
Sarann Fisher, Dormont
Anne Gregory...For The Bride
Ed & Maggie Massery, Dormont
Maggio Family, Dormont
Bill Horter Jr., Designworks Signs
Bill Bartlett, Bellevue
Christopher M. Cuddy, CPA, PC, Dormont
Christy Fabus, Dormont
Adam Gibson, Acoustic Moose Cafe, Bellevue
Joe Porco, Lincoln Bakery, Bellevue
Michael Casey, Affogato Coffee Bar, Bellevue
Aaron Stubna, Lincoln Barber Shop, Bellevue
Barbara Warv, A Cut Above the Rest, Bellevue
Eloise M. Snow, Mane Attraction, Bellevue
Keith Andreyko, Integrity Design, Bridgeville
Erin Sabastini, Integrity Design, Bridgeville
Trish Morris, Zelda's Bead Kit Company, Bridgeville
Tracy Artman, Tracy's Treats, Bridgeville
David Artman, Tracy's Treats, Bridgeville
Dr. Joann Strain, 457 Optical, Bridgeville
Gary, LaBella Bean, Bridgeville
Christina McClintock, A Perfect "10", Bridgewater
Chef Russell, 1810 Tavern, Bridgewater
Lynn McHolme, Rockwell's Red Lion Restaurant, Elizabeth
Tom Lazarus, Lazaro's, Freedom
Nicole Massey, Massey's II, Monaca
Theresa A. Sims, Sheenas Consignment Boutique, Monaca
Eugene Schmuck, Red Wing Shoes, Monaca
William H. Weber, Huntington Bank, Monaca
Mario Leone, Borough of Monaca
David & Kathy Chabala, Hallowed Ground Coffee Rosterie, New Brighton
Steve McCracken, Performance PC, New Brighton
Mike McNutt, McNutt's Abbey Flower Shoppe, New Brighton
Justin Lapearle, Performance PC, New Brighton
Earl Gigliotti, Beaver Valley Shoe Repair, New Brighton
Terri L. Tarazano, Hometown Apothecary Drugs, New Brighton
Richard Russ, Russ Medical and Sport Massage Clinic, Beaver
C.J. Thompson
Carolyn Laquatra, Bellevue Business Center, LLC
Joey Steber, Tarentum
Alma Aland, Swissvale
Karen Christian, Christian House Home Health, New Brighton
Stephanie Fiala, Monaca
Shawn Gilchrist, Bellevue
Denise DeAngelis, Hot Heads Salon, Beaver
Jerry Clark, Compression Management Services, Inc., Tarentum
Liz Burton, Carnegie
Deb Colosimo, Bridgeville
Suzanne Winkler, Dee's Attic, Ambridge
Steve and Pam Dugad, Monaca Auto Sales, Monaca
Mark Fallon, Homestead
Trish Thiel, Visiting Angels of Verona
Randy Maskas, Maskas Distributors, Tarentum
Vincent Troia, Artistry Eyewear, Monaca
Vincent Troia, Ohio River Trial Council
Katrina Woodske, Beaver
Samantha Post, T&M Hardware & Rental
Lindsay Courteau, Beaver
Carey McDougall, Beaver
Lisa Moretti, Moretti, Moretti & Fritz, Carnegie
Eva Chudicek, Touched By Time Collectibles, Ambridge
Scott Robinsky, Northwood Realty, Beaver
Trish Digliodo, Paramount Co-Oo, Ambridge
Melanie Luke, The Flying Squirrel, Carnegie
Sarah Schroeder, Coraopolis


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