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The Downtown First Pledge is simple. Just try to choose businesses in your downtown first. Before looking elsewhere, think about the local restaurants, shops, or professionals in your own community.

You'll quickly feel the difference these simple decisions have on your quality of life. You'll spend less time in your car, get to know local business owners, and help to keep good businesses in your community. Not to mention that, "Having a vibrant downtown business district that is within walking distance of your home, increases your home's value by 10 - 20%."

Furthermore, the economic benefits of shopping locally will be felt throughout our region. If half the employed population spent just $50 each month in locally owned, independent businesses, it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue.*

THIS IS MY PLEDGE:  I WILL TRY TO CHOOSE MY DOWNTOWN BUSINESSES, FIRST. I will try to think about what restaurants, shops or professionals in my community might offer what I am looking for before looking elsewhere. By supporting this movement, I am helping to increase the vibrancy of my community and our region.


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