Certified Local Businesses

What is a "Certified Local Independent Business?"

The primary goal of Downtown First is to promote and support all downtown-based businesses in western Pennsylvania. Downtown First is also committed, however, to supporting the local, independent businesses within those downtowns that give our region it’s unique character and vibrancy.

The "Certified Local, Independent business" designation makes it easy for consumers to identify and choose local, independent businesses. Throughout the Downtown First Business Directory, you will see the symbol designating "Certified Local, Independent Businesses*"

What Businesses are Eligible for "Certified Local Independent Business Designation"?

Downtown First uses a general modification of the American Independent Business Alliance’s definition of what makes a business be considered local, independent business. Businesses that can answer "yes" to ALL of the following criteria are eligible for designation:

  1. Is your business located within a Downtown First Downtown District?
    (Click here for a list of towns currently included in the Downtown First Program)
  2. Is your business unique to, and only located in, our region?
    (Click here to see a map of the Downtown First region)
  3. Does the business owner live within 50 miles of his/her downtown-based business?
  4. Is the business owner free to make all key decisions regarding the operation of his/her business?

How can I get a "Certified Local Independent Business Designation" for my business?

*As this is a brand new program and website, please keep in mind that we are still in the process of ensuring that all designated businesses meet the criteria above, and that we haven’t missed any eligible businesses. We are diligently working with the business owners to ensure that we properly acknowledge all appropriate businesses.

If you feel your business meets all of the above criteria, but has not yet received the "Certified Local, Independent Business" designation, please call or email Town Center Associates: 724-728-9400 or downtownfirst@towncenter.info.

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